3 Ways to Buy a Game Speaker

Home use has a fever game speaker goes from these 3 respects choose and buy

Now compared to a game and a few years ago is really different, take the moment the hottest games to survive the jedi, the game, I believe you must have heard of

also some friend played, of course, is a superior, stable pressure gun, can accurately know the position of the enemy, how did he do this? 

This game, is a survival gunfight game, not only do you want to hit the gun, or will listen to the sound of the position, when the enemy came to your side,

you did not find that you really need a sound of the position of the speaker, through a long time of practice, I believe you will certainly become a chicken master. 

Here are some tips for your friends to buy a survival weapon!

1. look at the sound effects

Sound is an integral part of PUBG. Similarly, if you play PUBG on a normal speaker, when you jump into the city of P, I’m sure you’ll say, “Oh, my God!” 

How gunshots, surrounded by all the TuTuTu ring, and because you sound too miscellaneous, and ignore the enemies around you, so you be born into a box, and choose a good quality speakers

at the same time of eating chicken, you can clearly feel that the gunfire from me recently, the furthest away from me, and the nearby enemy’s footsteps,

how far away from me, in this way, Only then can you get out in the competitive P city.

Toogee sound and gunfire more clear, looking at the battlefield,

tens of meters of wind and grass, under my control, with a beautiful and coordinated bass and high frequency sound, and patent tuning technology,

restore the true sound of the battlefield, let you run in the thrilling exciting battlefield.

2. look at the shape

Why look at the shape? Because the shape is related to the quality of pronunciation, the smaller the speaker is, the more concentrated and mellow the sound will be when the voice is sounded.

Of course, playing games, the sound must be penetrating and mellow, so that you can listen to the sound more accurately and have a higher chance of getting the first place.

And Toogee is connected to the computer and placed under the computer. What is worth mentioning is the real 5.1 sound channel and the special professional tuning technology, according to the size of the room, the wall feedback back sound waves, the real simulation of the battlefield stimulation. 

At the same time with the night mode, in the family does not affect the rest at the same time, eat chicken tonight, good luck.

3.look at the level of appearance

Believes that many gamers, care very much whether the peripheral equipment level in appearance, also, to play the speaker desperately to high level in appearance, so as to add some color to the monotony of computer on the desk, in this era of rapid development of science and technology today,

each person’s computer is so light and color rotating fan, and shiny graphics, is so brilliant, Is that lack of a little contracted wind? I think at the beginning, most of them like the kind of colorful lights very much.

For a long time, they don’t like them as much as before, resulting in visual fatigue. If this time, give the desktop some other color collocation, is it better visual effect? 

TOOGEE surface process adopts minimalist matte black, exquisite and small, but it shows its strength. When minimalist style and dazzling style are matched together, it will be a kind of visual enjoyment, and the surface uses the touch capacitor screen to control the level of the old volume, equipped with LED lights, indicating the mute and sound process.

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