4 practical ways to choose a good speaker

  Purchasing speakers is actually a matter of joy in suffering. It requires not only seeing and hearing but more importantly, discernment. From selecting brands and models, constantly rushing to match, compare, and audition, painfully make compromises between budget and ideals. You also need to check various materials through various magazines and the Internet to get more comments on your favorite products to see if you have a vision for your choice. In the end, you have to choose a good dealer.


  A. Touch the speaker with your hand.

  Whether the box feels smooth and clean. If you knock on the box, if you make a loud and powerful sound, it means that the box is strong and durable. The biggest advantage is that the sound distortion is very small.

  You can try to rotate and plug the knobs, switches and jacks. It should give people the feeling that there is less resistance, natural and smooth. Of course, you have to weigh the weight of the speakers, and the choice of materials must have a certain amount of weight.


  B. Select a good audio dealer.

  Choosing a good dealer is a very critical link. Because in the end, you have to go through the dealer to get all the equipment. Order a good dealer first, not only to ensure that you can buy genuine things at a fair price, but also a good dealer will have a great influence on the whole process of selection, comparison and final purchase. Choosing a good dealer will ensure that you can buy satisfactory and genuine equipment to the greatest extent.

  Firstly, you can see it from the storefront.

  Now dealers are generally divided into two categories, one is mainly “street customers”. It means that they don’t know what HI-FI, just look at the price of the appearance of the product, and the sales staff say a few nice words to them, and they just pay for it. This kind of store is generally decorated in a magnificent style, The other is mainly to do business for HI-FI enthusiasts. This kind of shop is where we want to go.

  There are generally two types: one is mainly for retail. The decoration of these stores is generally simple, and the decoration design focuses on the principle of acoustics. Generally, there will be a special listening area, which has a better sound insulation effect, and the sound of the counter outside can be isolated once the door is closed. This kind of audition room can better hear the “full picture” of the equipment, so this is the most basic and necessary condition.

  Another kind of store may be mainly engaged in the wholesale business. In order to do the business of individual customers, only a listening area is set up in a corner of the store, and there is no sound insulation. In this kind of shop, you can listen to as many effects as you can. Once I went to a shop that claims to have a fever tube amplifier and listened to a tube amplifier. The voice of the boss chatting with others exceeded the volume of the music being played. This shows the “quality” of the fever


  Secondly, you can check whether there is a website and your own forum.

  Resellers generally have very few websites, and they don’t do a lot of good ones. Maybe many dealers don’t think it is necessary. The role of the website is mainly to provide a platform for customers and sellers to have a communication platform. Those who dare to open a website and open a forum show that they attach great importance to customer feedback and communication with consumers. This kind of dealer is worth relying on.

  C. Don’t be superstitious about “Brand”.

  Famous brands are often the promotion of quality and strength. In the audio industry, there are many kinds of famous brands. When you are not familiar with the characteristics of the product series under each brand, the famous brand is often equated with “beautiful sound”, which is a very fatal misunderstanding. At present, the audio market is still very irregular. Many audio manufacturers tend to focus only on brands and do not improve quality. They often make a lot of brand-names “Audio Furniture”, such as opening many specialty stores and concept stores.

speaker subwoofer

  D. Try listening in the same environment as possible.

  You can choose the speakers first and then go to all the audio shops that have the speakers to listen to the effects of the speakers. Although the matching power amplifier is different, the listening environment is also different, but the quality of the speakers can still be heard. Gene

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