As an enthusiast, I actually like Bluetooth speakers so much


  Our demand for music is almost integrated into every moment of life. With more and more abundant usage scenarios, music equipment has more and more functions, such as noise reduction, waterproofing, long battery life, and wireless connection.

gaming speaker

  Bluetooth speaker can be used as a home decoration. Its appearance and colors appear fashionable and high-end. More in line with modern home decoration. Coupled with its unique wireless music playback, it can play music to cultivate sentiment and decorate to provide visual aesthetics.

  Compared to putting on headphones and caring quietly, playing music outside brings a more immersive experience. In the space filled with sound, the sense of coldness disappeared. It is replaced by immersive enjoyment. Everything around it seems to have become part of the music. Ordinary life has instantly become a scene in the MV.

  Using Bluetooth speakers to listen to songs and create the illusion of being in a fairyland.

  Without the bondage of the headphone cable, the soul is also free. In a lonely room, it becomes the scene of a personal concert in seconds.

  Bluetooth speakers enhance the gaming experience. Mobile games were originally designed to pass the time. However, with the improvement of the hardware level, today’s mobile games have become very powerful. It has reached a very high level in terms of visual effects, sound effects, and gameplay. Companies like Gameloft and Popcap have a large number of excellent games on mobile or tablet platforms. In addition, music games such as DJMax have higher requirements for sound output.

Professional gaming speaker

  Compared with wired speakers, only those who have experienced the joy of having Bluetooth speakers will understand. Get rid of the shackles of wires, Bluetooth speakers can be moved and placed freely. There is no need to consider how to wire, choose the length of the wire, and how to clean the dust under the wire.

  Bluetooth speakers give adults music freedom.

  Bluetooth technology is an instant technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, and is easy to install and set up. The connection can be realized without a cable, and it is very convenient to use. It can be put into use only by simply completing the pairing, and the operation threshold is low. Even if it’s taking a bath, you can have music to accompany you.

  The 2.0 channel has two speakers, which output 2 channels of power. This is the most suitable soundtrack to satisfy both the home environment and travel.

  2.0 channel speakers meet the 360° omnidirectional sound effect/via network. Generally more suitable for listening to music, mini home theater and other scenes, the sound effect can also satisfy. As for monophonic, single-speaker speakers, you need to consider whether to pursue more refined sound quality.

  There are still many Bluetooth portable speakers using mono systems. In terms of sound quality, it is basically unable to be used in places with a lot of noise such as outdoors, nor can it catch up with the 2.0 channel effect.

  Amplifier and speaker power.

  Select a Bluetooth speaker with a maximum output power of 5W to 8W, which can restore the sound quality to the greatest extent.

  The amplifier and speaker power in the product information.

  Sound quality resolution

  The sound quality is high in resolution, and the audio reproduction is higher.

  Due to the process of wireless Bluetooth signal transmission, the sound quality must be impaired.

  When purchasing, combine the budget and actual needs and choose rationally. A small Bluetooth speaker can add a touch of color and warmth to life.

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