Does different music fit different speakers?


  Do you think that when you are listening to different types of music, you need to match it with different speakers?

  Not only about music, but also about game sound effects. This issue is often discussed by many people. For example, people will say that a certain speaker is suitable for jazz, but playing rock music is not satisfactory. Another example is that the bass of a certain speaker is great, and it can feed back the footsteps of the game character, but it cannot reflect the quiet game music. This is a very strange problem for professional speaker manufacturers. For a good speaker that has been well-designed structurally, everything you play with it will sound as good as the original. And a good speaker will give you a great immersive experience, whether it is music or game sound effects.

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  But there is a very critical issue here. The speaker will play out the flaws intact, when the sound recording has flaws. Not all recorded audio is lossless and perfect. Many people always blame the speaker or audio system for recording audio problems. This is very strange.

  Nowadays, when people discuss that the speakers do not feel good when playing rock music, I would use this to think that the high frequency of the speakers may be a little shifted. This speaker has no problems when playing classical music or string music, and there is an ethereal sound effect in it. But if you use this speaker to record rock music, it will look terrible.

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  The very dramatic thing is that I heard people say that a certain speaker plays jazz when it sounds great, but when it plays rock music, it is very bad because the speaker is not suitable for playing speakers. I know that this speaker will produce a lot of distortion or resonance when playing complex music at high volume and feel terrible. This is the same technical issue regarding speaker design. In addition, I would like to mention the Toogee speaker N-258BT 2.0CH Speaker, which I feel very useful now. Four different backlit FACE-OFF modes (Rhythm/Breath/Ambilight/Fix Red/Blue/Green RGB) includes both dynamic and static glowing RGB illumination. Lightshow Projection – What’s better than play your favorite music while gaming or working? An illuminating backlight show sync to the playing music, you can sit and watch this all day.


  All of this is related to speaker . For example, some people say that the high-frequency sound of its speakers is low, resulting in the sound of the speakers not being too bright. And the high frequency of its subwoofer results in sufficient bass impact, but it does not extended. So this speaker is more suitable for rock music, not jazz or classical music. Because when you play them with this speaker, its sound will be more dull and rumbling.

  Everyone has a different kind of music or game. Which one you like is also based on your own needs. If you like to use exclusive speakers to play jazz or rock music, and only listen to this type of music, then choose this speaker. But when you use this speaker to record a sound recording and its recording sounds uncomfortable. This is a certain problem with the speaker design.

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  So everyone needs to try to play different types of music when preparing to buy a new speaker. It is not only the type of music you like, but also the types of music you don’t like to listen to. Because as time changes, people are also changing. At the same time, a good speaker will make the recording sound more comfortable. The expression that speakers are suitable for a certain type of music is only because the design of those speakers is not good. A good speaker needs to show its excellent quality in all kinds of playback.

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