How to choose game speakers and desktop speakers


  How to choose game speakers and desktop speakers? You can choose the right speakers according to your conditions.


  Knowledge of speaker purchase

  Knowledge about gaming speakers and desktop speakers is organized as follows.

  Speaker volume. In fact, it refers to two aspects. The first is the size of the speaker volume. The larger the speaker the more area is required for use. The second is the size of the unit. The larger the size of the speaker sound generating unit, the more the sound field performance will be improved.

game speakers
  •   5.1 Computer speakers

  Literally split the meaning of 5.1 computer speakers. The 5 is probably the literal meaning, from the left, center, right, left rear, right rear of the five directions of the output sound source. This is the sense of sight and sound, the transmission of sound from all sides to the body. And the 0.1 refers to the sound channel, a specially designed sound channel. Specially output a kind of subwoofer, that is, the kind of sound that makes your scalp tingle.

  •   7.1 Computer speakers

  The 7.1 speaker set adds a dual rear center channel, so 5+2=7. The dual rear center makes up for the only middle position that isn’t really covered on all sides!

game speakers

  Literally means two channels of stereo speakers. The left and right channels can complement each other so that the sound comes in from all sides and the sound is more stereo. For example, Bluetooth speakers generally use a one-piece 2.0 soundbar. However, desktop speakers will use two separate cabinets.

  An advanced version of 2.0 computer speakers, 2.1 computer speakers is a combination of a subwoofer and a full-range speaker with weaker bass. For example, listening to music and watching movies on the computer is suitable for 2.1 computer speakers. In the meantime, roadside stores are also playing music with this kind of speaker!

  Some people gonna ask if 2.1 is better than 2.0 speakers?

  We all know that the main difference between 2.1 computer speakers and 2.0 computer speakers is that 2.1 has a separate subwoofer. The subwoofer was separated out more to make a compromise on cost. In some consumer-grade speakers, 2.1 speakers can bring out some sense of atmosphere in audio and video in a better way. In fact, a good complete 2.0 speaker system will show a fuller range of thicker bass, not just rumble, better suited for enjoying music.

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