How to choose the right speaker


  There are so many speakers, brands and types in this world. What is the right speaker for me? How do I choose a speaker? There is no answer to this question, and we cannot give you a textbook answer. But I will still share my personal choice of speakers and talk about my recent purchases.

  Repeated piano performance, the graceful notes are like patters of raindrops falling from the sky, falling in the mountains and ponds, splashing water, stirring up ripples, plucking the heartstrings, and intoxicating.

  The prologue opens slowly, simple, melancholy, and full of fantasy, and then changes gradually, or rushing, or smug, or joy mixed with bitterness, or sadness full of hope. Great musicians lead the believers of music, cruising step by step through a labyrinthine castle. When I finally returned to the bird’s eye view, a magnificent building was finally presented in front of my eyes. At the end, it returned to the original and reproduced the theme of the beginning, as if a beautiful dream.


  What the arranger wants to say, what the performer wants to express, what the listener wants to pursue, there is a cryptic past that has been fermented and unknown. You seem to be able to see it, but because of experience, people can only see the tip of the iceberg. But even if it is only part of it, it is really warm. The composer thousands of years ago, the performer who played with different emotions from time to time, and you who listened at this moment because of chance. Revolving across time and space, across thousands of mountains and rivers, across completely different life experiences, but against a piece of music, it resonates strongly. This in itself is almost a miracle. This may be the charm and soul of classical music. If classical music can really comfort people’s hearts, then it is to have a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that can really show the charm of classical music. You can infinitely magnify this most beautiful yearning and longing in the bottom of my heart, why not do it?


  Sound quality is the soul of speakers.

  So the sound quality must be good, good enough. Only speakers with good sound quality can show good music vividly, and you will capture more music details. And this is the necessary prerequisite for experiencing the true beauty of music and touching the soul of the work.

  In the beginning, I thought about where my love for speakers started. I thought I might have started with these. A long time ago, when you bought a computer, you got the computer that came with it. The role of these speakers is of course to let us hear the sounds we make on the computer. So maybe we just say that these sound products are “speakers”-but the more professional listening products we work with are “monitor speakers” for monitoring, just like all these speakers when you search for monitor speakers.

  TOOGEE speakers are really not like many speakers. Other brands simply pursue auditory stimulation, trying to make people forget the flaws of missing details, and it is easy to get tired after listening for a long time. There is also no artificial bass and reverberation that are deliberately added. Use it to listen to these music, the sound quality of the instrument is restored very realistically. Moreover, the details of the vocal transition, the transition between true and false sound, are all reflected very delicately.

  In similar products, its sound quality is excellent. When listening to various musical instruments, the directivity of the sound is obvious, and it will not become muddy. The repertoire is easy to control, and the vocal expression is also very sweet. At the same time, the tone is warm and full-bodied. Toogee speakers are very powerful.

  This is really the best sound quality, the most complete, and the most cost-effective speaker I have ever heard. Whether playing musical instruments or human voices, this speaker can express with ease, allowing listeners to hear the deeper story of each piece of music.

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