How to place the subwoofer?


  If you want to know how to place the subwoofer, start with the basic knowledge of bass. This article will tell you about 6 aspects of bass to consider the placement of the subwoofer.

  As we all know, the placement of the subwoofer affects our immersive experience of games or music. To know how to place the subwoofer, we must understand 6 aspects that affect the bass at first. I hope you can find some ways to help you improve the sound effect of your speaker system from the basic knowledge of bass. This allows you to be more immersed in games or music.

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  Firstly, look at the area. Under some conditions with the same parameters, the larger the subwoofer area or subwoofers’ cones’ area and the larger the enclosure of the subwoofer, the output efficiency of the subwoofer will be better and the bass will be deeper.

  Secondly, look at the “box”. It means the enclosure of the subwoofer. Under normal circumstances, developers will sacrifice efficiency and maximum loudness, so that the small subwoofer enclosure has better sound effects and deep bass. The small subwoofers are usually equipped with smaller drivers. In order for the small subwoofer to operate more efficiently, it needs to be equipped with a powerful amplifier. At the same time, in order to allow the small driver to go in and out longer distances to generate pressure waves, its loudness will not be as loud as a large subwoofer. For example, Toogee’s N-175BT RGB 2.1CH Gaming Speaker, its subwoofer shell size is 110*131*158MM. The N-178BT can bring you 150Hz-20KHz f/response. It is suitable for you in a smaller room, allowing you to experience immersive sound effects.

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  Thirdly, look at the corner where the subwoofer is placed. When the subwoofer is placed in a corner, it will produce a powerful bass effect. But sometimes one or two of the notes can sound bloated and prominent. Better position along a portion of the sidewall or back wall. The “hum” of the subwoofer will become smaller, and the deep bass will become smoother.

  Fourth, look at the class D subwoofer amplifier. Class D subwoofer amplifiers have many advantages. They are smaller and lighter than other analog amplifiers. Not only that, the operating temperature, efficiency and power consumption of Class D subwoofer amplifiers are better than other analog amplifiers.

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  Fifth, look at the disadvantages that need to be avoided. Don’t put your reception point at the very center. For example, if you put your chair or sofa in the center of the room. This will produce “null” or bass cancellation. You should adjust the reception point to about 60% to 80% away from the front wall. At the same time, avoid leaning your chair or sofa against the back wall. Because this will produce unnatural bass enhancement, just like the corner positions we mentioned earlier.

  Sixth, look at the frequency of the subwoofer. If you don’t like the quality or quantity of bass you are getting, you should consider moving the subwoofer to another location. You can place the subwoofer in a position where you normally sit. While playing music with deep bass, move the position gradually in the room. When you feel that the bass sound is in line with the feeling you want, that position is the best place for you to place the subwoofer. As for frequency, more subwoofers are better than just one subwoofer. The easiest way to hear deep, smooth and even bass in all parts of the room is to add an extra subwoofer.

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