Seven categories of speakers


  Nowadays, audio-visual entertainment equipment is being updated faster and faster. The function of the audio is not only amplifying, it also has a variety of sound effects such as stereo surround and virtual surround. There are various functions and styles of speakers on the market. So, what are the types of speakers?

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  •   Notebook Audio

  The notebook speaker is a sound system specially developed for notebooks that is smaller than traditional computer speakers. It is characterized by its compact size and easy portability, as well as powerful and diverse functions. Not only the style is ever-changing and fashionable, but also suitable for notebook users to listen up close in small rooms such as the study or office. Selection Guide: Because of the portability of the notebook computer, it is best to choose durable and anti-drop materials for the speaker material. It is recommended to buy speakers of metal or plastic materials. You can’t ignore the overall sound quality for its portability and appearance. It is recommended to listen to its sound quality in person when purchasing.

Gaming speakers
  •   Game Audio

  Playing FPS shooting games in summer, the headphones are too hot. But earbuds can’t produce results, and gaming speakers are the best choice. The sound effects of professional gaming speakers are very shocking. Satellite speakers are responsible for the left and right channels respectively, with strong resolution and clear game sound effects. Toogee N-175BT RGB 2.1 channel gaming speaker. You can clearly perceive the location of high-frequency footsteps and different sounds from different directions. Even accurately know the equipment used by the enemy. The overall experience is comparable to the effect of wearing a gaming headset.

  Bluetooth speaker refers to an audio device with a built-in Bluetooth chip that replaces the traditional wire connection with a Bluetooth connection. Most Bluetooth speakers are small in size, easy to carry, have a wide range of functions, and can be connected to a variety of Bluetooth devices. And it is suitable for people who often take a tablet or laptop to go out to play.

  •   HiFi Audio

  HiFi is literally translated as “high fidelity”, which can beautify the original sound. The sound quality of HIFI audio is full and mellow, and it also has the advantages of balance, clarity, sense of space and hearing resistance. It is suitable for people or audio enthusiasts who have extremely high requirements for sound quality.

  •   Home Theater

  The Home theater consists of three parts: video player, AV power amplifier, and speaker system. The sound is clear and delicate, balanced and realistic, and has a strong stereoscopic effect, giving a stereo surround effect. Suitable for high-income families or audio-visual enthusiasts. One is watching movies and occasionally singing karaoke. The second is for “music appreciation.” The third is to be able to watch movies and play high-fidelity music.

game speakers
  •   Smart Speaker

  The smart speaker integrates three major functions including Bluetooth speakers, independent online music playback and smart voice assistants. In terms of basic audio playback functions, they are the same as ordinary Bluetooth speakers in daily use. On top of this, they have added the concept of intelligence and added the ability to interact with voices. The usage methods and the interaction process with users have also increased.

  •   Karaoke Sound

  Karaoke speakers are generally equipped with speakers, amplifiers, microphones, karaoke machines, etc. And it uses karaoke amplifiers and speakers specifically designed for karaoke, which can beautify and adjust the human voice, and better guarantee the effect of karaoke.

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