The best gaming speakers of 2021, the fifth best


  Do you want to feel the explosive sound of the fierce battle in the game? Do you want to feel what music makes people cry? Do you want to clearly distinguish the direction of the enemy? A good game speaker device is the basic element of playing games. Although noise-canceling headphones or gaming headsets can provide an immersive gaming experience. Moreover, long-term use of headphones has the risk of hearing damage, and it also makes onlookers unable to feel your passion and shock as the protagonist of the game. So nothing is better than a set of excellent gaming speakers.

  •   Harman Kardon SoundSticks III

  This is different from most Bluetooth speakers, SoundSticks will enter pairing mode immediately after opening, which allows us to switch the sound source at any time. Within the recommended range of 9 meters/30 feet, its sound quality loss is very small. However, because Bluetooth is always on, nearby strangers can connect at any time. When they are not paired with it, this may cause some embarrassing moments. SoundSticks is basically a mid-range speaker. But with its unique, beautiful and elegant appearance and satisfying sound, SoundSticks can easily become a favorite of gamers.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III
  •   Logitech G560-the best RGB gaming speaker

  When it comes to RGB lighting, some people hate it, and some people like it. Gamers are likely to diverge in this regard, but at least for Logitech’s G560, the Lightsync function is not just a gimmick. If you want to get an RGB peripheral to enhance your gaming experience, then you definitely deserve it.

Logitech G560-the best RGB gaming speaker
  •   Razer Nommo Pro

  If you are financially rich, and you want the best premium gaming speakers on the market. Then the Razer Nommo Pro speakers are gorgeous and sound amazing. It is a 2.1 setup with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer for downward playback. This is indeed the ideal setting for games on desktop or laptop computers. In addition, the satellite speakers take up very little space on your table, and the subtle RGB lighting can be fully customized through the smartphone app.

  Razer Nommo Pro
  •   Cyber Acoustics CA-3810

  If your budget is limited, the speakers you can choose often have many shortcomings. But 2.1 game speakers from Cyber Acoustics are a welcome exception. It has two 2-inch satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch subwoofer, and the price is only a fraction of most other products on this list.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3810
  •   Toogee N-175BT RGB 2.1CH Speaker

  Toogee N-175BT RGB 2.1 channel gaming speaker is the most recommended. This speaker not only has a unique streamlined appearance design, but also has high-quality 360° stereo surround bass. Its RGB rainbow backlight is full of technological sense. At the same time, it can also switch AUX/BT/FM mode by pressing the button. Toogee N-175BT RGB 2.1 channel gaming speaker is the best 2.1 channel speaker I know.

game speaker

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