The most practical way to teach you to choose a good speaker in 2021


  As the audio terminal equipment, the speaker determines the quality of a set of audio to a large extent. Therefore, choosing a good pair of speakers is the key to the success of a set of speakers. However, in today’s audio market, there are no fewer than hundreds of speaker brands, with varying quality and prices.

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  Speaker appearance

  Appearance craftsmanship is to judge the quality of the speaker from the first impression of its appearance. The high-quality speakers first deal with the details very well, and no rough burrs and traces of the edges and corners of the leather can be seen. Its lacquer surface needs to be treated very smoothly, so that the lacquer surface is smooth like a mirror, the reflected image is clear and there is no distortion. There are many problems with inferior speakers, and the details are not handled very well. What’s more, you can see more tricky in the phase hole.


  Check the weight.

  There is a saying in the audio industry that “the insider sees the quality, the outsider weighs the weight”. Heavier speakers are definitely better than light ones. Good speakers are mostly made of high-quality MDF particleboards of 18mm and 25mm. High-end flagship speakers are made of super-heavy solid wood or multi-layer composite plywood such as red sandalwood and yellow grapefruit. So the weight is amazing, the net weight of a pair of speakers is up to fifty or sixty kilograms. Inferior speakers mostly use soft particleboard or even inferior paper rubber sheets, so they are generally lighter in weight.

  You should pay attention to some wooden speaker products that use curved cabinet designs. Although the curved box looks good and is beneficial to the acoustic design. However, due to the needs of processing technology, the wood used in these boxes is often not as firm as products with a pure square structure. This is quite embarrassing.

  Listen to the sound quality.

  After the basic test of the speakers, we are going to listen to the actual sound effects. The first step in listening is to check the magnitude of the current sound. Connect the speaker power only, and then adjust the volume to maximum. Since there is no audio input at this time, the smaller the sound you hear, the better. When testing the sound quality, it is recommended to adjust the volume to about 2/3. Different test sound sources should be selected for the different sound qualities of test speakers. If the quality of the tested audio source is high, the CD is generally selected. Among them, cello music can be selected for the bass test, the human voice can be used for the midrange test, and the violin music can be used for the high pitch test. The dynamic test can choose some dance music with a strong sense of rhythm. Try not to use the audio source recommended by the manufacturer during the test, and use the audio source prepared by yourself.


  I don’t know if you have any experience like this. When you turn on the stereo to enjoy music enthusiastically, the sound is good at first hearing, and the sound is powerful enough. Especially the middle and high frequencies are bright and moving, and the low frequencies are also satisfactory. But after listening for a while, I felt uncomfortable, very tiring, and had to turn off the speakers. This kind of tired speaker does not keep guests away, because it makes people feel very noisy and annoying. Loudspeakers indicate that the distortion of the box is large, and it is not resistant to hearing. It will definitely not be a good speaker.

  Good speakers have very low distortion. Therefore, no matter the volume, it will make you sound very ear-catching. Even if the volume is turned to full power, the speakers burst to earth, and the low frequency rolls like thunder in midsummer. It will only make you feel close to nature’s lifelike and even terrifying shock, but it will never make a noise that will make you escape.


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