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gaming speaker

  This year, dozens of e-sports events followed one after another, setting off a new upsurge in the e-sports circle. Whether you are a proficient player or a rookie, professional equipment is indispensable if you want to have a good time. After all, looking at the legends’ micro-control, their professional gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and gaming speaker are quite complete. If you want to easily move up to the ranks and have an immersive experience in it, these devices are indispensable.

game speaker

  Gaming speakers have become the best choice. First, the game speaker solves the problem of wearing; the second is the sound effect. In the audio industry, there is a rule that earplugs at the same price are not as good as gaming headset, and headphones are not as good as speakers. So it is a good choice for players to choose e-sports speakers.

RGB speaker manufacturers 2.0/2.1 gaming speakers are more suitable for most computers. They are specially designed for game sound effects, with rhythmic RGB lighting and touch lighting control modes. Not only that, they also have Bluetooth connectivity, which looks very cool. Two independent channels create the simplest stereo sound, creating excellent sound positioning. Their sound quality brings you an immersive gaming experience.


  For a game player, the appropriate gaming equipment can often make the game process more pleasant. In order to enrich the game experience, I bought it.

  N-178 RGB 2.1 channel speaker and N-258BT 2.0 channel speaker, the reason for choosing them is because it is powerful enough.

  First, let’s look at the appearance of these two products. In the choice of electronic products, the most important thing is its appearance. Because only if I like the appearance of this product, I will have the idea to buy it. After I buy it, I will have the desire to use and display it.

  The black shell of the N-258BT 2.0 channel speaker has RGB lighting effects that dance with the sound. The beating RGB lighting effect makes this speaker show its sense of technology and gaming. Especially the shape of the face shell on RGB looks like a mask. It flickers more distinctively, like a facial makeup play in ancient China. There are light and volume control switches outside the speaker, which can highlight the beauty of the speaker instead of on the surface of the speaker. The control switch also lights up so that you can use it in a darker place.


  The N-178 RGB 2.1-channel speaker also has a black shell, but its diamond-shaped RGB light looks unique. The two small speakers in the N-178 RGB 2.1 speaker also have a unique circular surround light, and its subwoofer also has a special beauty against the two small speakers. Not only is the appearance excellent, it also has excellent sound quality. Its stereo and bass sound effects can make people have an immersive experience in the game.

Gaming speakers

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