What is the basic construction of the speaker? For a detailed explanation of the basic construction, see here!


The five main items of space processing, equipment selection and matching, speaker placement, power supply processing, wires and cushions are the basic construction of audio. The speakers have a great influence on the overall sound quality of an audio system. In the case of a limited budget, investing more money in high-quality speakers will significantly improve the sound quality of the system. As for what kind of speakers are suitable for singing? The most direct indicator is the sensitivity parameter, which determines the conversion efficiency of a speaker. In short, how much sound pressure the speaker can give under a certain input power and whether it is easy to sing.

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The space treatment in the home of audio fans is not to build a concert hall, nor to obtain a completely flat spatial frequency response curve. Instead, the excessive reflected sound in the space should be properly absorbed, the excessive mid-frequency sound knots should be properly diffused, and the raised mid-low frequency, low frequency and reverberation time should be minimized as much as possible. Finally, it can make the sound feel warm and clear. It is not difficult to meet such a requirement, it just depends on whether the owner is willing to do it.

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There are two difficulties in equipment selection and matching. One is the budget, and the other is the unpredictable result of the combination of the signal source, amplifier, and speakers. The purchase budget varies from person to person, and the equipment can only be matched by going to the audio store to listen more and find your own taste. However, as long as you are an audio fan, you cannot stick to a set of audio throughout your life. During the long audio career, you will definitely change a lot of equipment. This is also the Roman road to find the best combination of equipment.

The speaker placement is very important. According to the acoustic environment of the room (such as the size of the room, the enclosure and decoration of the room), the speaker placement method will also be different. So, you can try various different placement methods of the speaker system until you feel that you have the best sound effect. Judging from the current channel structure of speakers, there are roughly 2.0 bookshelf two-channel and 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 and other X.1 channel speakers. The number of speakers corresponding to each is 2, 3, 5, 6, or 8. In this way, how to place them correctly and make them emit the “sound of nature” according to your wishes is not a simple or even negligible matter.


Alternating current is invisible and untouchable, but it has a profound impact on audio equipment. Basically, there are three key points in power supply processing: stable voltage and current, low noise, uniform polarity, and grounding. The voltage and current should be stable enough, and the noise should be low. Or, buy a large battery for audio. In addition, there are many power processors with power regeneration or filtering functions to choose from. The uniform polarity and grounding can also be handled by an electrician. Therefore, the power processing can basically do quite well.

A set of perfect speakers combined with the occasion of use may not necessarily be placed anywhere to highlight the powerful soul-shaking sound effects. It is necessary to cooperate with objective factors such as room size, proportion and handling. So before buying a speaker, you must consider what kind of environment you are going to use. For example, if it is used in a small room that is not very spacious, blindly pursue a large floor-standing speaker. It is difficult for us to evaluate the sound quality of audio in such an atmosphere.

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