What is the difference between speakers and audio systems?


  What is the difference between a speaker and audio? Many people are not clear about the difference between these two, and even people who are engaged in or playing with the audio system may not be able to explain it clearly.

  The difference between the whole and the part.

  Audio introduction

  Audio is able to play sound and increase the loudness of the sound. Therefore, considering from here, the audio should include an audio source, power amplifier, and speakers.

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  There are different types of audio, including integrated and split, and some auxiliary equipment, such as tuner, equalizer, and so on. The ultimate goal is to restore the real sound.

  Audio includes not only speakers, but also other equipment, such as mixing consoles, microphones, and display equipment. It is a system.

  Audio equipment generally includes power amplifiers, peripheral devices (including compressors, effects, equalizers, exciters, etc.), speakers, mixers, sound sources (such as microphones, musical instruments, VCD, DVD) display devices, and so on. These add up to an audio system. Among them, the speaker is a sound output device. An audio system includes loudspeakers of high, low, and medium tone types. But the three tone type speakers do not mean that there are only three speakers in the audio system.

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  Speaker introduction

  Speaker refers to a device that can convert audio signals into sound. Simply speaking, it means that the main speaker cabinet or the subwoofer cabinet has its own power amplifier. After amplifying the audio signal, the speaker itself will playback the sound to make the sound louder.

  The speaker is the terminal of the entire audio system. Its function is to convert audio energy into corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space. It is an extremely important part of the audio system and is responsible for the task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for direct listening by human ears.

  The composition of the speaker:

  There are various types of speakers on the market, but no matter which one, they are composed of the two most basic parts of the speaker unit and the cabinet. In addition, most speakers use at least two or more speaker units to perform multi-channel partial sound reproduction. So the frequency divider is also an indispensable part. Of course, there may be other components in the speaker, such as sound-absorbing cotton, inverted tubes, folded “labyrinth pipes”, stiffeners/reinforced partitions, etc. But these components are not indispensable for any speaker. The most basic components of a speaker are only three parts: speaker unit, cabinet and crossover.


  The sound principle of the speaker:

  In order to understand the principle of sound produced by speakers, we need to understand how sound is transmitted. The transmission of sound requires a medium (vacuum cannot transmit sound). Sound depends on all gases, liquids, solids, etc. as a medium to spread out. These substances as the medium of spread are called medium. It is like a water wave. If you throw a stone on a calm water surface, there will be a wave on the water surface, and then it will spread from the opposite shore to the surroundings. Sound waves are formed in this way. The frequency of sound waves is in the range of 20-20,000 Hz, which can be heard by the human ear. If the frequency is lower or higher than this range, the human ear will not be able to hear it.

  Water waves and sound waves travel in the same way. Through the transmission of the medium, the human ear can hear the sound. Sound waves can propagate in gas, solid, and liquid.

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