Why The Speaker Design Will Become Smaller With The Change Of The Times?


  Why has the once large and wide speakers become small and slim now? This article will let you know why the speaker design will change.

  •   From the history of speakers

  The sound performance and output of retro speakers from the 70s and 80s are very good. Almost every speaker manufacturer in that era specialized in such large and wide speakers. However, with the changes of the times, speakers have gradually become an important part of people’s quality of life. The stereo system of speakers has become the focus of people’s living spaces. Therefore, the appearance design of the speaker has gradually become like a beautiful piece of furniture, allowing it to be integrated into the living space without being too obtrusive.

Gaming speakers
  •   The influence of TV development on the appearance design of speakers

  The development of TV is also an important point for people to improve the quality of life. In order to be able to enhance people’s visual experience of TV sets, TV sets have begun to become larger and wider. People began to have home theaters and multi-channel audio in their living spaces. Because of this, the appearance and popularity of TV sets have increased people’s requirements for speakers. Not only are the speakers required to be small and slim, but also functional. Because no one wants to have a large-screen TV, there are several large speakers around to affect the beauty of the living space. This is why today’s professional speaker manufacturers have gradually begun to develop in the direction of small and slim speakers appearance.

  •   The impact of the reduction of power supply cost on the appearance design changes of speakers

  In the 1960s and 1970s, speaker amplifier power was both limited and expensive. Among them are its output transformers, high-power transformers and so on. Just like when computers were first invented, weren’t they expensive and huge?

  •   The speaker drive unit becomes more efficient

  More efficient drive units can make speakers smaller. Although in some cases the bass performance of the speaker will be reduced, in most cases a larger driver is more effective. With the changes of the times and the advancement of technology, the cost of amplifier power has become cheaper. Therefore, the speaker cabinets nowadays become smaller, and more drivers can be put in, making the speaker power more efficient.

  •   Does the design of the speaker affect the performance of the speaker?

  In the 1970s and 1980s, some professional speaker manufacturers were also studying and measuring which parts of the speaker would affect performance. Nowadays, we want speaker cabinets to become thinner and slender, but at the same time, its performance does not change much. This is undoubtedly a difficult challenge. Among them, the slim cabinet baffle will produce less acoustic diffraction than the wide cabinet baffle. This is not possible with a wide cabinet baffle. Therefore, the appearance design of the speaker will be reduced to a certain extent, which will affect the performance of the speaker. Toogee’s speaker N-165 RGB Separated Soundbar, Toogee’s N-165 speaker is small and has excellent performance. It can also convert from a 2.0 speaker to a sound blaster, which has more obvious characteristics than usual speakers in terms of space.

  Finally, I hope this article can solve your doubts.

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